When Is Too Young To Start Wearing Makeup?

There have been questions raised about how young or old you should be before you start thinking about wearing real mink fur eyelash. Each person is different. Some never wear makeup, some start wearing makeup as young as twelve.

Is twelve too young? In today’s world children are being pushed to start acting older than they really are, dress older, just be older and never get to be the child they need to be. Wearing makeup is part of the grownup’s world and one step for a young girl to take as she finds her way into the adults world. At twelve some girls have already started their periods setting them apart for their classmates.

 real mink fur eyelash
real mink fur eyelash

If you as her mother feel your daughter should start looking into wearing real mink fur eyelash then you too should go along and help her with her decisions on the right types of brands that are best to wear.

Helping her pick a mascara and a eyelash curler for starters, natural eye shadows and lip gloss. By helping her make these decisions could bring you closer.

Take her to a major department store and have them show her how to apply the makeup could be a very helpful idea specially for those mother’s who don’t wear makeup at all.

Some may feel that wearing makeup will boosted their child’s self confidence and that is a good idea as well. You never know what your child goes through in the day.

Have her start by checking into teen magazines for ideas of what other girls are wearing. Maybe find someone who’s face is alike and see how she is wearing her makeup might be of help. Why not have a sleepover and have a trusted female teenager watch over the girls and help them with their real mink fur eyelash questions. Someone closer to their age maybe of help as well.

There is a great book out there written by Bobbie Brown “Teenage Beauty” that was written just for teenagers includes those as young as twelve. It covers the basics of color selection, makeup techniques and also skincare issues.

Those who daughters are already having problems with acne the best bet would to take her to the dermatologist and get started on a skincare routine. You are never too young to start a simple skincare routine such as washing your face with a mild facial soap, a simple moisturizer and sunscreen. It’s a habit that all young girls should start anyway. Could help with those mild breakouts she is starting to have.

Once you have decided that she is old enough to wear real mink fur eyelash you could start by attaching permission for when she could wear makeup such as school dances and class parties at school, maybe lip gloss for everyday and mascara and light eye shadow on those special days.

Help her pick out her best feature (eyes, lips) and help enhance them.

Over all most young ladies of twelve are too young for all types of makeup but for lip gloss. By the time they are thirteen with your help it could stop their faces from breaking out, from them wearing makeup all wrong and fake, and help her boost her confidence and your friendship with her. She may not like you stopping her at twelve but by the time she is sixteen she may even thank you.

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real mink fur eyelash
real mink fur eyelash

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