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Glamorous Wedding Makeup

Your wedding is an opportunity to really shine. It is your chance to wear a gorgeous wedding gown and custom bridal jewelry. Even if your everyday style is fairly low-key, it can be a lot of fun to get really done up for your wedding. These are some tips on how to achieve glamorous wedding packaging 3D mink eyelashes that will make you feel flat out gorgeous.

Glamorous makeup begins with the perfect canvas. You want to achieve a flawless face before applying the color cosmetics. A glamor girl look is not intended to be very natural or understated, and the foundation used is typically a bit more full coverage with a slightly matte finish. Begin with a foundation primer to smooth out the surface of your skin, which gives a flawless look and helps packaging 3D mink eyelashes to last all day. Then use a foundation based on your skin type, such as a moisturizing formula for dry skin or an oil-free foundation for oily skin. Professional makeup artists often like to apply foundation using a wedge sponge or a brush, so you may wish to practice doing it that way if you plan to do your own wedding makeup at home. Dust on loose powder or used pressed powder to set the foundation.

packaging 3D mink eyelashes
packaging 3D mink eyelashes

Then it is on to the color. Since eyes and lips tend to make a statement in the glamorous look, keep cheek color light and subtle. Cream blush tends to have better staying power than powder; choose a sheer shade in a soft pink that matches the color of your natural flush. Dramatic eyes are always a part of glamorous packaging 3D mink eyelashes, although for the bride the smoky eye should be applied more delicately than you might for another occasion. You don’t want to end up with “raccoon eyes” in the wedding photos, after all. A good way to create a softer smoky eye is to use colors like plum or espresso rather than pure black or gray. Three shades of eyeshadow are used: a medium tone on the eyelid, a deep color in the crease, and a light highlighting color along the brow bone under the eyebrows. Opt for satin or matte formulas for the deeper two colors; a shimmery eyeshadow would be okay for the highlight color.

After the eyeshadow is done, it is time to finish off the dramatic eyes part of the glam bride beauty routine. Use a dark eyeliner along the lashline. If you want to go for maximum impact, choose a liquid liner or use a smudgy pencil for a more blended effect. Brides whose eyes are on the small side may find that it is best to use eyeliner only along the outer edges of the lashline; sometimes applying liner all the way in towards the corners can make the eyes appear more closed. Several coats of waterproof mascara will finish off your gorgeous eyes. For even more drama, apply false eyelashes; use the individual clusters rather than the full strips which can be too obviously fake.

The last step in achieving an ultra glamorous bridal look is lipstick. Classic red is the obvious choice, although for a summer wedding, you could opt for more of a medium coral shade. If you have color like pink or purple in your custom bridal jewelry, you could pull that shade into your lipstick hue (without matching it exactly, of course). Prep your lips before applying lipstick by sloughing off any dry skin, then apply a lip liner in the exact color of your lipstick. The key to lip liner is lining the entire lip, not just making a line around the outside border. This will help your lipstick to last, and you will avoid the ring around the lip look people sometimes get with lip liner. Apply a moisturizing lipstick, blot, and you will be ready to dazzle your groom!

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packaging 3D mink eyelashes
packaging 3D mink eyelashes

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