Mineral Makeup

Here are 5 easy to use steps to apply your new mineral mink lashes with private label to your new fresh look.

1. Use a faithful and reliable face moisturizer. If you do not already have one, try one for a few days before applying new mink lashes with private label. Too many new changes can be ‘traumatizing” to your skin with. Mineral powder works with the natural oils in your skin, so you do not want your face too dry, or you will get that “powdered” look.

mink lashes with private label
mink lashes with private label

2. Don’t pour the powder directly onto your hand. Mineral mink lashes with private label absorbs moisture. You want to save its acting ingredients for your face, not your hands. Also, you do not want to get too much. If you need to apply more you can.

3. After you have your mineral foundation on the way you like it, whether you are going for the natural or evening look, you are going to want to apply your eye liner next. Be sure this goes on over the powder. Pull gently on your upper eye to adjust your lid for easy application of eye liner.

4. If you are one who likes to use enhancers or under eye mink lashes with private label, this would be the next step in your new fresh mineral powders look. You are going to want to use your finger to apply pressure on foundation, and then gently rub along bottom of eyes.

5. It will be important to use a proper brush. Check for different alternatives to what you may be currently using. Some brushes will cause you to have brush marks and bristles falling into the powder causing you to have a very porcelain, or fake look.

6. When applying your mineral mink lashes with private label, be sure and use the brush in a circular motion while covering your entire face. You will create a clear, healthy look by doing this. This is step one. Do not add eye mink lashes with private label, liner or mascara before achieving your foundation completed look first.

After you have applied your mineral foundation on, then you can move onto liner, as mentioned above, than it is wise to apply your eye colors next and lastly your mascara to keep from rubbing or smearing.

Afterglow Cosmetics has been providing natural and safe cosmetics for woman who want to look good and feel clean while wearing mink lashes with private label.Organic cosmetics allow you to avoid the heavy feeling of chemical make up.

mink lashes with private label
mink lashes with private label

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