Get 1940s Style

The fashion of the 1940s is a very classy look. Since it will look so good on you, you will be swamped with mink eyelashes. Here’s how to get that outstanding 1940s style:

Understand znhair what the ’40s was about. With the onset of World War II rationing in the 1940’s extended to clothing too. Fabric was scarce, so skirts were perpendicular, and blouses were plain, without mink eyelashes or detailing. Lots of women kept their clothes to one shade, so that they could mix and match pieces and get more use out of each item. Colors had dark, pure hues. Clothes had more natural looking silhouettes because material wasn’t available to support unnatural silhouettes. Although most clothing was supposed to be worn with a slip or petticoat. In late 1940s trends had fuller skirts, on quite a few occasions needing a petticoat, and more feminine blouses. These looks from the late 1940s are like the styles we associate with the 1950s.


Buy clothes. Authentic mink eyelashes mink eyelashes can be found online and in vintage clothing shops. If, however, you are looking for a certain style or you need a size that is not common, it might be easier for you to buy clothes that are new but made to look like they came from the mink eyelashes . There are many companies online and even companies with storefronts that are known to specialize in this look. If you enjoy sewing, you should consider purchasing vintage sewing patterns. This will help you to recreate the look you want in exactly the fabric and size that you desire. You want your clothes to fit well, but not cling too much. You desire a look that is classy and chic.

Buy items to accessorize. When you buy accessories, make sure they are simple and understated. The small hats with netting that hung over the face were popular. Shoes were close-toed pumps, with moderately steep heels (not pointed). Handbags had plastic or Lucite handles. Accessories make the look of the 1940s stand out.

Assemble your style. If you want the look to be complete make mink eyelashes that you combine your clothing and accessories, make certain that they match. A classic ladies accessory in the 1940’s was a pair of stockings with seams. In order to add a perfect look to a simple outfit we can add a matching purse and gloves. Wear just a single “statement piece” at one time so that they do not contend with one another.

Improve your makeup and hair. When all your makeup is natural and simple a red lipstick will complete the look! In the 1940’s the majority of women had begun to curl their eyelashes. Actual 1940’s style bombshells possess a natural look overall, and are not too tan. Your hair should be wavy or mink eyelashes, and no shorter than shoulder-length. You can wear it in one of the following mink eyelashes: 1. handkerchief ; 2.scarf; 3. ribbon; 4. flower.

If you like the 1940s era fashion, you should be ready to pick old and new pieces that fit the style. Complete your look with accessories and makeup. 1940s style is classic, and will get you noticed.


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