Chemotherapy Side Effects – Hair Loss

The most devastating side effect mink eyelashes strip while performing chemotherapy treatment is the hair loss. It is inevitable. It is the most common side effect that happens with chemotherapy treatment. It not only affects the hair on the head, but also the hair on the eyelashes, eyebrows and body hair too.

These znhair effects result because of the damage done to the healthier cells mink eyelashes strip in our body, while destroying the cancer cells. As the drugs enter all parts of the body, they destroy all cells that show growth. Serious side effects like vomiting, less count in the blood cells, headache, abdominal pain and so on.



The hair loss is due to fact that the follicle cells in the head multiply quickly as that of mink eyelashes strip cells. The chemotherapy drugs just destroy the hair cells too. The loss of hair depends on the dosage of the drug taken and also the number times of taking it.

The most worrying factor is, there is no way to prevent the loss of hair. Some persons mayn’t suffer a mink eyelashes strip loss. But many may loose the entire hair present in the whole body.
As it can’t be prevented, by thinning the hair at the time of chemotherapy will result in minimal loss of hair.

If the patient doesn’t suffer a hair loss during the chemotherapy, there is a possibility of it happening after the treatment too. In order to prevent this type of defect after the treatment, use gentle shampoo like baby shampoo twice or thrice in week. Rinse your hair thoroughly and make it dry. Use hats to stay away from sunburns and heat.

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