Essential Makeup Brushes – Top Five Must-Haves For Every Makeup Bag

Finding the right makeup brushes for your needs is not an easy task. Quality mink 3D eyelash strip lashes brushes can help create a flawless look by allowing easier, more precise application, but there are so many options in various price points—how do you know which brushes are right for you?

mink 3D eyelash strip lashes
mink 3D eyelash strip lashes

Understanding your makeup needs is an essential part of the buying process. If you wear tinted moisturizer every day, it’s likely you don’t need a foundation brush. Do you only wear eye shadow on special occasions? Then skip the expensive eye shadow brushes and opt for cheapies.

Need suggestions? Here’s a list of five key mink 3D eyelash strip lashes brushes to assist with application and help give your makeup a more professional look:

Foundation Brush
If you wear liquid or cream foundation, a synthetic brush with dense bristles in a flat, wide shape works best. Start by applying foundation in the center of your face and sweep outward toward your hairline. A foundation brush helps to create a pore-less finish with even coverage. Can also be used for cream blush.

Concealer Brush
Dark circles and blemishes need special attention and this is where a concealer brush comes in handy. For more concentrated coverage like red spots or dark areas, a thin, synthetic brush with slightly longer bristles gets the job done.

Blush Brush
A medium-size loose bristled brush works best for powder blush. Try not to use the small applicator that comes with some brushes as it deposits concentrated color in small areas that can look streaky. A fluffy blush brush will allow a light application that can be layered for intensity. Can also be used for bronzer.

Eye Shadow Brush
Cream eye shadows are best applied with a fingertip, but powder eye shadows need a brush for even application. A small, square brush can be used for shading as well as all-over color. Be sure to tap off excess shadow to avoid eye shadow fallout on your cheeks (especially with dark colors).

Eye Liner Brush
An eyeliner brush is great for liquid or gel eye liner. When damp, it turns any shadow into eye liner as well. The thin, small tip of an eye liner brush allows color to be deposited close to the lash line which creates a dramatic, eye-popping look.

The drugstore is a great place to find good quality, inexpensive mink 3D eyelash strip lashes brushes. If you want a higher quality brush, Sephora has a great selection of professional-quality makeup brushes.

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mink 3D eyelash strip lashes
mink 3D eyelash strip lashes

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