Confessions of a Makeup Artist – Flawless Foundation For the Fall

In the process of reviewing, refilling and revamping my mother-in-laws lashes mink eyelashes wholesale bag for the fall, I ran across a great new find for the fall…

COVERGIRL/OLAY Simply Ageless Foundation with SPF 22.

It is a unique blend of cream foundation and moisturizer! A perfect combination for the fall.
It glides on with medium coverage (taking away my redness but I can still see my freckles) and you only need a small application. It is easy to blend and it goes completely matte (you can spritz with toner or water if you want a more dewy look).

lashes mink eyelashes wholesale
lashes mink eyelashes wholesale

Up until now I have loved mineral foundation for everyday. In the fall when the weather and my skin get a bit drier, it tends to make me a bit itchy. If this happens to you too, try layering a medium moisturizer under the minerals. Wait until the moisturizer is about 90% absorbed into your skin and then apply the mineral foundation. Again, spritz with a light toner or water to eliminate the “powdery” look. Sheer Coverage is still my favorite brand and is pretty easy to find these days. I like that you can change the color blend, adding lite or dark, depending on the time of year.

If you prefer no lashes mink eyelashes wholesale or a much lighter coverage, consider tinted moisturizer. Our skin does need something onto to protect us from premature aging and environmental damage. Try a few products, there are many to choose from. My favorite still is Laura Mercier. The coverage is excellent and they are easy to blend. I use these for photo shoots all the time, it still allows your skin to show through.

Need heavier coverage? Super, sensitive skin? Try Cinema Secrets foundation. Full strength I use this to cover tattoos. For a lighter, full-coverage dampen your sponge and it becomes more liquid with tons of pigmentation for concealing.

TIPS for a Flawless Face:

1. Hydrate at night, when skin renews itself.

2. Exfoliate regularly, this takes away all dead skin and flakiness for a better lashes mink eyelashes wholesale application.

3. Try a primer, a silicone based product on top of moisturizer allows for a smooth surface and your foundation will glide on “like butter”.

4. Go 1/2 shade darker when choosing your foundation color. If the foundation is too light it will wash you out and look tired.

5. Blend foundation! Towards your ears, over the tip and sides of your nose, down & over your jawline and onto your neck. Always Blend it out!

6. Less is more, let your natural skin and freckles show through. Unless you are in a soap opera or on stage, thick foundation is OUT.

7. Pigment, depending on your skin’s flaws choose a foundation with coverage. Application can be light but stronger pigment will give you better coverage (this is the key).

8. Sunscreen. Whether your lashes mink eyelashes wholesale has sunscreen or not, protect your skin today from further damage. Even though summer is over, keep up the SPF.

9. Keep your hands off your face. My mother would tell me this every five minutes growing up. It is true. Most bacteria travels from our hands to our face creating breakouts.

10. SMILE. This is the most important. Who will notice any of your flaws with that bright beaming smile. Result = Flawless Face!

lashes mink eyelashes wholesale
lashes mink eyelashes wholesale

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