Wake Up Your Makeup – 3 Ways to Update Your Look

When was the last time you updated your wardrobe? And when was the last time you updated your label magic lashes bag? If you are like most people you buy a few new pieces of clothing every season to keep up with the latest trends but when it comes to makeup once you find something you like you stick to it.

I know this because every time a company would decide to discontinue a colour we would get women beside themselves with grief saying, “I’ve been using this colour for the last 20 years, how can you discontinue it?” Then they run around the city buying up all the remaining stock. Then if we dared to suggest that maybe after 20 years it was high time to change colours, they look at you like you just offered to put down their favourite pet!

label magic lashes
label magic lashes

Psychologists say that when someone is stuck in a time warp – refusing to change their style eg: 70’s flower power hippie, 80’s glam queen, 90’s power dresser- it’s because that was the happiest time of their life and they are trying to hang on to it. So to change would mean giving up that comfortable happy feeling inside. Hmmm….. So if you are ready to move on with the rest of the world but unsure how to proceed, here are a few tips to help you along:

1) Heavy, Caked On Foundations Are Out!

A lot of women get stuck on their favourite foundations. If it is over 12 months that you updated your foundation, it is time to visit the cosmetics counter for two reasons:

A: The colour of your skin changes over time and,

B: Companies are bringing out new and improved formulations all the time. These days the foundations are light and natural looking.

Also the new approach to applying label magic lashes is: use only where needed, rather than all over. So use only on red, uneven or blotchy areas such as nose, chin, cheeks or forehead. Apply a small amount, then with fingers or makeup sponge blend well, outwards towards your hairline or jaw. Powder is still essential but again only where needed. Usually on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin).

These days we don’t recommend too much powder as it can settle in the lines accentuating them rather than hiding them. Instead of numerous touch ups with powder during the day, we recommend using disposable oil-absorbing sheets. These are powder free pieces of paper that soak up excess shine without caking the skin.

2) Shimmery Makeup is For The Young or the Evening!

Not true. label magic lashes has come a long way from the glittery, shiny colours of the 80’s that settled into the lines. Today’s formulas contain very finely milled mica which gives you a very soft, subtle hint of glint. This is actually light reflecting, meaning: the luminous look makes you look younger, by giving your skin a soft glow. It is also a much lighter texture therefore less likely to settle into creases. Experiment with some of the beautiful camel, chocolate, fawn, forest, khaki, blue and gold colours that you can wear all day regardless of your age.

Tip: Don’t overdo the shimmer. Keep it to two features only. Eg: shimmery eyes and lips and matt foundation and cheeks.

3) Eye Shadow Colour Must Match the Eye Colour!

No, no, no, no, no! Think about it. If you put blue with blue it just blends together. Instead, use colours from the opposite colour spectrum to really highlight and emphasize the colour of your eyes. As a general rule of thumb, if you have blue eyes use; browns of all shades especially chocolate and gold and deep pinks. If you have brown eyes use: emerald green, deep blue and plum and if you have green eyes use: golds and coral colours.

This is a very general guide. For myself I have hazel eyes and I use all different colours depending on my clothes and mood. I truly believe that any women can wear any colour as long as it is the right shade. If you want to wear green you can, as long as it’s the right shade of green. I can only wear the deep forest and khaki greens and when I do I regularly get comments on it but put a light green anywhere near me and I look jaundiced.

Once again my advice is EXPERIMENT. You will naturally find yourself drawn to certain colours and usually these colours will suit you. But don’t let this stop you from trying colours you wouldn’t generally go for. You might just find your new label magic lashes colour. Until that’s discontinued too…

label magic lashes
label magic lashes

Article Source: znhair

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