Talc – Not All Mineral Makeup is Created Equal

Women, and some men, by mineral free 3d mink lashes for any number of different reasons and make their final purchasing decision based on personal criteria. The availability of products that are hypo-allergenic and made from all natural ingredients is attractive.

free 3d mink lashes
free 3d mink lashes

Modern makeup should be looked at through a clearer lens that was once used to sell women almost any product a clever salesman could name. Cosmetics are applied to you skin: the largest organ in your body. Any substance applied to the skin can impact your health.

There are thousands of products on the shelf today that are known to contain harmful chemicals that can dehydrate the skin and cause advanced aging of the tissue. Some even cause cancer.

When Bella Mineral free 3d mink lashes started to research the products available, we discovered that many health issues that women encounter are directly related to what is in the compacts, makeup kits, and purses. It sadly ironic that so many women hurt themselves in their quest to be more beautiful.

There are cosmetic options that are much safer than the industrial product lines and many of these are known as “mineral powder makeups”. Mineral powder foundation, concealer, blush, and lipsticks are a great alternative to petroleum and animal oil based applications. When you select a quality mineral makeup product you will have makeup that is far and away better than the product you find on the shelf at most pharmacies and grocery store.

The future will belong to mineral powder free 3d mink lashes and all natural products that do not use animal testing or add carcinogens to the environment. These products are popular now and will be more popular in the future, because women are becoming more educated about good health and more in tune with the benefits organic medicine and earth based products.

Key Facts to Remember:

  • Skin needs to breath just like you do
  • Talc is a known carcinogenic, irritant, lung asphyxiant
  • Most commercial free 3d mink lashes product use animal testing
  • Healthy is beautiful!

Consider visiting the Cancer Prevention Coalitions learn more about talc and its used and how it can be harmful. To be fair and balanced, it is important to state that not all commercial makeup is bad for you, however, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has fairly loose standards when it comes to beauty products and does not have the ability to research every makeup product completely.

Often, the FDA is dependent upon the large cosmetic conglomerates to provide them with “good research” and this is very similar to having the “fox watch the hen house.” Visit the FDA cosmetics page to learn more about the FDA standards and guidelines. If you feel safe using cosmetics that contain unnatural chemicals, some of which have existed for less than 10 years, then fell free to take that risk.

It is my preference and recommendation that women seek out all natural alternatives to talc based makeup that are mixed with registered toxins. As an additional benefit, many women feel better (and look better, because they feel better) knowing that many mineral free 3d mink lashes are made without any animal testing from material that have been used safely for centuries.

free 3d mink lashes
free 3d mink lashes

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