How Do Women With Glasses Apply Cosmetics?

Since people nowadays use THE eyes too much, more and more people get short-sighted. Walking around the office building, you can see a galaxy of beauties bustling with activity. But if you approach them, you’ll be eye lashes with eyelash custom. Many of them have under-eye circles behind the thick glasses. It’s really a pity to see this.

eye lashes with eyelash custom
eye lashes with eyelash custom

Znhair , if you think the glasses have covered up the glory of your eyes and it’s useless to make efforts to do eye make-up, then you have made a huge mistake. In fact, it is just because you are wearing glasses that make you more in need to do eye make-up. And some excellent skills of doing eye make-up can make your eyes shine brilliantly.

Firstly, you should bear in mind that you need to be turgid in general. The eyelash should be a little exaggerative. Do not worry about looking terrible, because the glasses will lighten your makeup.

Secondly, never forget the eye liner. By drawing eye line, the false eye lashes with eyelash custom mark will be less apparent. You must use deep color for eye line and draw wide margin line appropriately. The eye line sometimes can extend outside to make your eyes more visible.

Thirdly, on the rim of the inside corner of eyes, you can use some color to make your eyes look more pop. In a general way, the color should be in line with the color of your eyeballs. If your eyeballs are green, then use teal; if they are blue, then use navy blue or reddish blue. If you use the wrong color, the efforts main go in vain or make things even worse.

Fourthly, decorate your eye lashes with eyelash custom. When you are wearing glasses, the eyebrow will be closely united with the glasses as one. So when you are dealing with your eyebrow, comb the brows according to the outline of them, keep them clean, and most importantly, make sure the brow look harmony with the upper limb of the glasses.

eye lashes with eyelash custom
eye lashes with eyelash custom

It’s not easy to do a perfect eye lashes with eyelash custom. What we can do is try our best to make ourselves close to perfect. The eyes are the windows to the soul. It’s our job to keep this window clean and charming.

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