Designer Eyelashes for Stunning Eyes

False customized false eyelash are back in fashion, but the problem is they can easily fall off and are quite hard to apply correctly. An option is to have eyelash extensions fitted which are a semi-permanent solution.

False eyelashes have recently regained popularity, and many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Kate Perry are regularly photographed sporting alarmingly long lashes. If you want to have thick beautiful lashes but prefer a somewhat more natural look, there is a great way you can achieve this. Instead of false customized false eyelash you can have lash extensions applied, which are semi-permanent eyelashes fixed to your own lashes.

About Eyelash Extensions

customized false eyelash
customized false eyelash

You  znhair choose for your eyelash enhancements to look quite natural which will simply give your original lashes a more enhanced and fuller appearance, or you can opt for a glamorous look with somewhat longer and thicker lashes. Either way your eyes will appear much larger and clearer.

In order to get lash extensions fixed properly you will need to make an appointment at a beauty salon that specialises in the procedure. Before the application of the eyelash extensions takes place, your consultant will ask you what look you hope to achieve and then she will recommend the best type of lashes and length to suit your requirements.

Because the eyelash extensions are fixed to your original eyelashes, they will eventually fall out along with the lash. Typically we lose around eight eyelashes over a two-week period from each eye, so the eyelash extensions will only last as long as the natural eyelash life-cycle. You will probably find you need to have a touchup around every 3 to 4 weeks.

Caring for your Semi-Permanent Eyelashes

During the first 24 hours after you have your lash extensions fitted, try to avoid direct contact with water in the eye area. Once 24 hours have passed you will be able to have contact with water as normal, as eyelash bonding glue is customized false eyelash. However, try to avoid standing directly under high-pressure shower head jets. You could also consider wearing goggles went swimming for additional protection.

customized false eyelash
customized false eyelash

As well as avoiding oil-based make-up removers, you should also make sure you do not use any moisturisers or oily eye creams that may come into contact with your eyelash extensions as these will have the same effect as oil-based make-up removers, and the lashes may fall off. To clean your eye area use a cotton bud with a cleaning product that your eyelash extension consultant recommends. Generally they will be able to sell you one in the salon, or give you a list of products that you can purchase over-the-counter in local drugstores.

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