Man Up in Makeup!

Who says Custom Eyelash Packaging is only for women? Guys – it’s time to man up and let the world know that we’re not afraid to admit that sometimes we need a little cosmetic attention. Women can cover their blemishes, why can’t we? Some people might imply that if you wear make up, you’re not a real man, and that’s just not the case. Men have been wearing make up for centuries. For example, Egyptian emperors actually wore make up as a sign of leadership and power. Call me metrosexual, but I am here to proudly state that it is perfectly OK for men to use corrective cosmetics.

When it comes to Custom Eyelash Packaging for men, I’m not suggesting they wear a full face of makeup complete with blush and lip gloss. The key for men is to simply enhance their natural good looks, and conceal any imperfections that might arise.

 Custom Eyelash Packaging
Custom Eyelash Packaging

Just like women, great looking make up starts with clean, blemish-free skin. So fellas, what this means to you is that the old bar soap is not going to cut it anymore. Start off by using a light cleanser, followed by a good moisturizer, preferably with SPF, to protect you from the sun and free radicals. As always, drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day will add hydration to the skin ensuring a healthy complexion. MAC makes a great scrub to exfoliate at least once a week to take off some of the dead skin and keep your skin looking fresh.

Men have a tendency to have a lot of blue or purple underneath there eyes making those dark circles look even worse, especially after a rough weekend. To correct this I would use a good eye cream like Kiehl’s Crystal Marine Firming Eye Treatment, retailing for $35.00. Follow that up with a good concealer, and those dark circles will be history.

If you’re looking for a good moisturizer, I recommend Kiehl’s Facial Fuel SPF 15 Energizing Moisture Treatment for men retailing for $24.50. It’s great for adding moisture without making you greasy. Also, the well-groomed man never has chapped lips. I recommend the Kiehl’s Lip Balm, retailing for $8.50. All these products can be found at Neiman Marcus in the Boca Raton Town Center Mall.

Gentlemen if you’ve been spending too much time in the office, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little color to look like you’ve spent some time in the sun. You can do this by using a matte bronzer. A matte bronzer for men can be found at MAC But I would advise going into an actual store to be matched with the right color for your skin tone. Golden Matte would be the ideal color for all men.

Last but not least EYEBROWS! In case you haven’t gotten the memo, a unibrow is NOT in style. You guys have to start paying attention to those bushy eyebrows. Getting an occasional trim or subtle pluck will frame the face and pop out those charming eyes! If you tend to have very thick brows you can always tame them buy using a brow gel. At, you can find a men’s eyebrow kit that has everything you need to trim groom and shape your manly brow. This is a must to ensure nice sexy masculine brows.

I know this might be rough at first but c’mon guys it’s the 21st century and its time for men everywhere to start spending more time on their personal grooming. Join the revolution, Man up in Custom Eyelash Packaging!

 Custom Eyelash Packaging
Custom Eyelash Packaging

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