10 Things a Busy Mom Must Have For Herself

As a busy mom of 3 I have discovered there are 10 things a busy mom should always have (http://www.diorlashes.com/3d mink lash vendors)

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1. Cute PJ’s. Lets face it some days its hard to get a shower and get dressed. At least have some cute jammies to run around in so you don’t look homeless. NO SWEATS ALLOWED.

2. A good flat iron. One that will let you touch up your mop in minutes so your ready to head out the door in a flash

3. A clear band 3d mink fur lashes bag in your purse with these essentials always ready to go. Mascara, lip gloss, highlighter stick that can work as a blush as well, tweezers, a loadable powder brush with your favorite powder, lotion, compact mirror and a nail buffer clear band 3d mink fur lashes.

4. A pedicure kit. I use a small tote and have all my pedicure stuff in one spot for easy self pampering. I keep my polishes, files, ped egg, foot lotion and everything ready to go for when I have 10 minutes for myself. This way I don’t waste my ME time looking for clear band 3d mink fur lashes.

5. Cute Comfy Shoes. Not tennis shoes, not flip flops, buy some real shoes. Ones that can take you from the park to dinner with your hubby like a pair of semi casual flats.

6. Jeans that fit you. Once you have kids jeans can be your worst enemy. Invest in a good fitting dark no wash jean that hits the widest part of your body and goes straight down. These can be paired with heels for a night out or a tee for grocery shopping. Don’t be the Mom Jean Statistic. You may need to invest a little time and effort here trying on pair after pair but don’t settle!A perfect fitting pair of jeans are worth their weight in gold so splurge here clear band 3d mink fur lashes- you deserve it and your hubby love you looking hot !

7. A Hobby that does not involve kids or making things for kids or buying things for kids or absolutely anything to do with kids. Don’t feel guilty. You don’t have to give up everything to be a good mom. Get a good book or take a class. Just invest in yourself every once in a while.

8. A classic peacoat in a bright color that will never go out of style and will last you for years. Throw it on and head out the door in style.

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9. A Black pencil skirt. Ya I know you hate dresses and skirts. But you should keep one around at all times. You never know when a clear band 3d mink fur lashes will come up that you need something to wear other than you fave jeans or PJs. Or maybe you want to feel pretty one night and go out. You can throw a black skirt on and a cute pair of shoes with a dressy top and look hot no matter what in minutes. Stick with the just below knee length. Chances are you aren’t 20 anymore so no minis after 25! If you have to bend over to pick up a baby you aren’t showing your draws either!

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