What is Natural Permanent Makeup?

Natural permanent 3D siberian mink strip lashes is a non-surgical procedure also known as micro-pigmentation. This process of implanting color under the skin that stays and looks soft and natural when it heals. I like to use Organic transparent inks for the most natural look possible. These colors are MRI safe, reflect light and have a soft appearance that blend beautifully.

3D siberian mink strip lashes
3D siberian mink strip lashes

It really takes an artist’s eye to understand the face, be able to place features correctly, and match colors to your skin type and hair coloring. It is best to choose an artist with experience in advanced procedures to insure proper placement, color choices and adjustments if needed. Permanent makeup has to be layered on a couple of times to create your desired result. After a month, the permanent makeup is healed in most cases and the color and placement can be assessed. On your return visit, the color and shape can be lightened, darkened and adjusted as needed.

Full lip color gives a soft, natural color to lips and also defines and shapes them, it should always look natural, never fake. The basic rule is: start with less, we can always add more to make them darker after you get a chance to get used to it. Permanent 3D siberian mink strip lashes is meant to enhance your natural features not take over your face. I tell my clients to think about how they want to look when they get up in the morning, you can always add more with conventional make-up when you go out at night.

Eyebrows are created using Pigments to fill in sparse brows making them appear fuller with a soft shadow or hair strokes where there is no visible hair. Permanent eyeliner can be applied in many styles and colors, from soft lash-enhancement to a defined liner or an eyeliner with shadow. We can even create a soft shadow on top of the eyeliner, or a complete smoky eye effect.

A large number of clients share the view that permanent 3D siberian mink strip lashes, well applied, looks more natural than pencil makeup. With a variety of styles and taste each client chooses how natural or dramatic they would like to be during their consultation. Natural pigments are implanted into the second layer of the skin (dermis), providing a natural shadow of color for lips, eyeliner, eyebrows, and scar camouflage. This is also the perfect enhancement for MEN who want feature enhancement that look totally natural and not “made up”. Look for an artist who uses a permanent makeup pen that is scaled down for the face, delivering more precise placement. This is the tool of choice for softer more natural looking enhancements.

The whole idea is to implant color under the skin that enhances or mimics your natural features, stays and looks soft and natural when it heals for years to come, giving the appearance of youthfulness and adding distinction to your face again.

I am sure you will be surprised at how truly natural Permanent 3D siberian mink strip lashes can be.

3D siberian mink strip lashes
3D siberian mink strip lashes

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