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Lauren Conrad Style Tips For Hair And Makeup

It’s no wonder teen magazines love to feature editorial pieces on Lauren Conrad so often. ( eyelash vendors wholesale) Her style is fresh-faced, effortless, comfortable and still seriously feminine and glamorous all at the same time. Many wonder how the TV personality turned fashion designer and author does it, but thanks to her countless magazine and television interviews, you don’t really have to wonder that hard! Luckily for us, LC openly discusses how she gets her look down so 3d real mink clear lashes. Read on for just a few examples of Lauren Conrad style and beauty tips that can help all of us get in touch with our inner fashionista.

3d real mink clear lashes
3d real mink clear lashes

Aside from her style choices, it’s easy to recognize the beautiful Ms. Conrad because of her shiny, flowing blonde locks, always creatively styled. When asked by Seventeen Magazine how she maintains her lovely hair, she replied, “My hair is everything-treated, so I use a deep conditioner from Unite once a week to repair the damage. I leave it on for ten minutes while I’m in the shower.” Additionally, when asked about her wavy, flowing hairstyle, she shared this tip: “When I don’t have that much time to do my hair I use a beach spray. I spray throughout my hair right after I get out of the shower. Then I scrunch it and let it air dry to create messy waves.” And finally, when Lauren is having a bad hair day, she still manages to style herself amazingly. The trick? Headscarves. Ms. Conrad says; “I like wearing scarves in my hair because they make me look put together without taking a lot of time. I mostly get them from vintage stores — I like simple patterns like polka dots.” There you have it! Proof that you can go easy on the prep-work and still work that casual-glam Lauren Conrad style.

Attuned to the new fashion and style blogging craze, Ms. Conrad (who is a savvy business-woman) along with her hairstylist Kristin Ess and 3d real mink clear lashes artist Amy Nadine has launched a website and blog called The Beauty Department.

Together, the three women publish hair and 3d real mink clear lashes tips, along with current obsessions and style inspiration. The website is beautifully designed, and it really lends itself to informing beauty-lovers of both creative and classic style ideas. For instance, both Lauren and Kristin recently wrote entries on the Ballerina bun, a classically elegant hairstyle that can be dressed up or down, and works perfectly for warmer weather. And on the subject of fresh-faced spring and summer beauty ideas, The Beauty Department also posted recently about how to apply “no make-up make-up” which is the term they have created to describe makeup application au naturale, or very skillfully applied so that it appears that the subject is makeup-less with an amazing complexion. Websites like The Beauty Department are important because they combine aspects of fashion, beauty, business and technology.

Are you inspired by high-powered, creative business-women like Lauren Conrad? Do you fantasize about your own career in fashion design? Do you just love learning about Lauren Conrad style? The next step for you might be fashion design or fashion merchandising school.

3d real mink clear lashes
3d real mink clear lashes

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