Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is a great way to keep your skin healthy without clogging your pores. This type of 3D mink lashes private label is so different from the makeup we all used to use because…

1. The minerals sit on top of the skin and do not go into the pores.

3D mink lashes private label
3D mink lashes private label

2. The makeup is so healthy and natural for your skin you can sleep and exercise with it on!

3. The minerals naturally protect your skin from the sun because of the reflecting characteristics of the minerals. No harsh chemicals are needed.

4. The shade will match your skin tone because of the reflecting techniques of the minerals.

5. Your face will look like it is glowing rather than that caked on make up look.

6. Mineral makeup can enhance the look of every complexion young and old due to the versatile uses of the minerals.

NOT ALL MINERAL 3D mink lashes private label IS CREATED EQUAL……

If you are shopping for mineral makeup there are some points you want to keep in mind.

1. Make sure the product you are buying is pure minerals and synthetic materials or fillers have not been used because these ingredients will clog your pores and disrupt the function of the minerals.

2. Buy minerals that are pressed and not loose to prevent wasting your precious minerals and making a mess on your counter and clothes.

3. Invest in a decent set of brushes so you can really work with the minerals to create the look you desire.

Every woman and man should know that what you put on your body is as important to the look of your skin as what you put in it.

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3D mink lashes private label
3D mink lashes private label

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